Yukon Forest Planning
Whitehorse and Southern Lakes

The Process

How is the plan being developed?

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Stage 1

Establish the Planning Area and the Terms of Reference

  1. The Whitehorse and Southern Lakes FRMP process was initiated due to an interest in coordinating the management and development of forest resources in the area.
  2. The Yukon government and the First Nation governments in the Whitehorse and Southern Lakes Region jointly agreed on a planning boundary and Terms of Reference, consistent with the provisions of respective First Nation’s Final Agreements and the Forest Resources Act.
  3. The Terms of Reference identifies matters such as planning goals, principles, key issues, and requirements for the Joint Planning Committee.
  4. The Joint Planning Committee is responsible for leading the planning process. The committee includes members from the Government of Yukon, the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, the Carcross / Tagish First Nation, and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council.

Stage 2

Initiate the Planning Process and Data Collection

  1. Members of the Joint Planning Committee (JPC) were appointed by their respective governments. JPC roles, responsibilities and operating procedures were developed.
  2. The JPC prepared a work plan and time table.
  3. The JPC identifies information needs and makes contact with people and organizations that have the required information and expertise. Data collection and analysis begins.
  4. A plan for public engagement and communications is developed.
  5. Meetings are held with the public and organizations, such as Renewable Resource Councils, Local Advisory Committees, the Yukon Wood Products Association and others to introduce the planning process and seek input on the interests, issues and values that need to be considered.

For further information

What We Heard Summary (.pdf)

Stage 3

Identify a Draft Vision and Management Options

  1. Information is collected from a variety of sources, analysed and considered.
  2. Based on the analysis and public input received to date, a draft forest management vision for the region is developed.
  3. Forest management options for achieving the vision are prepared.

Stage 4

Prepare a Draft Management Plan for Public Review

  1. Based on the public input received to date, a draft management is prepared.
  2. The draft vision and draft management options are made available for public review and feedback.

Stage 5

Prepare a Recommended Management Plan for Review by Participating governments

  1. Based on the public feedback on the draft plan, the JPC will prepare a recommended forest management plan.
  2. The recommended plan will be submitted to the Government of Yukon, the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, the Carcross / Tagish First Nation, and the Ta’an Kwäch’än Council for approval.
  3. The final recommended plan will be checked against the Forest Resources Act, the First Nation Final Agreements and the Terms of Reference to ensure consistency with its mandate and requirements.

Stage 6

Plan Approval and Implementation

  1. The Government of Yukon is responsible for approving the plan for all public lands.
  2. Each First Nation is responsible for approving the plan for its own settlement lands.
  3. The Government of Yukon must consult affected First Nations, Renewable Resources Councils and the public on the recommended plan.
  4. A minimum of 30 days is provided for receipt of representations.
  5. The recommended plan must be approved, varied or rejected within 120 days of the close of consultation.
  6. Once approved the Minister must make best efforts to implement the plan on public land.